Farmers’ Market

Given that one of my goals is to try to eat more seasonal food, a farmers’ market would be a natural place to visit. This is my second weekend in a row heading over to the market in Redmond. I’ve visited scattered farmers’ markets previously. When I lived in MA for vet school, on Thursday afternoons there was a place on my way home, and I would stop sometimes. But it was small, and I almost always just got some bread and cheese (not that there’s anything wrong with those!) and kind of just skipped over the one or two tables of vegetables.

Today, we did get some rosemary bread rolls (these reminded me of rosemary and olive oil bagels that I used to have), and I am excited to make some breakfast sandwiches tomorrow or toast with olive oil to go with some omelets. We also picked up some gouda and cheddar cheeses to make a quinoa mac & cheese from SimplyQuinoa.We also picked up a giant zucchini, some golden beets, and a mixed box of mushrooms from Sno-Valley Mushrooms. I’m not sure yet exactly what we’re doing with these, but they looked so cool and fresh. I wanted to get the mushroom growing kit, too, but Greg reminded me we may not have room for that in our apartment right now. I think we’ll probably saute them and use them with breakfast tomorrow, or I’ll look something up and use them for the jumping off point.

I’m looking forward to trying the mac & cheese tonight. We will add a few things: some buffalo sauce and some tuna. Tuna in mac & cheese was something Greg introduced me to when we starting dating, and I love it.

Today my run was in the morning mist (I can’t quite call it rain), and the three miles felt pretty good. I like running the mornings, but can really only do so on weekends, because of having to be at work at 7am. Unfortunately, I can’t say much good about my weigh in today. Going up was not unexpected (I had some problems with eating when I got home from work this week), but I wasn’t quite expecting the 4 pounds. I need to keep going with the running as I have the past several days after work before even coming home, and I need to get back to better tracking.


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